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Backwards for the Future- the new Elefantentreffen

The wheel of history has turned onwards, now it is essential to learn from the past to once again secure the future of the Elefantentreffen. From the year 1977 onwards, the event left the Nürburgring venue because of similar developments. Subsequently, the concept of the get-together was changed successfully and thus the Elefantentreffen, after ten years at the Salzburg Ring, went through the most stable phase in its long history at today's venue in Thurmansbang-Solla/Loh.

To maintain the Elefantentreffen as an event for motorcyclists, for some years the BVDM has been calling on participants to come only on motorbikes. Only what can be transported by motorbike, or by motorbike and sidecar, is welcome at the world's largest Winter Motorbike Meeting.

Under the motto "Backwards for the Future", the BVDM has adopted a seven-point plan:

  1. Travel to and participation only for motorcycles on two or three wheels. Trikes based on a motorcycle are included. The car parking in Solla is provided only for cars belonging to visitors from the area. Participants' Lorries, delivery vans and cars with trailers are not allowed!

  2. Two and three-wheelers, even on the event site, must be authorized for use on the Public Highway and be insured. Unauthorized vehicles will no longer be tolerated. They will be decommissioned on the spot.

  3. On the access road from Solla, the maximum speed allowed is 30 km/h and use of a helmet is compulsory; in the event grounds, walking speed is the maximum allowed.

  4. As early as the weekend before the event the area will be cordoned off with construction fencing. Vehicular access is only for motorcycles on two or three wheels. Lorries, vans and cars may not be unloaded anywhere along the access roads.

  5. Marquees set up before the weekend before the event will not be tolerated and are to be taken down immediately.

  6. Simply closing off or marking tent sites in advance is not permitted.

  7. Fireworks, carbide bombs, sirens and the like are prohibited and will be confiscated when entering the site. The use of noisemakers illegally smuggled in during the event will result in immediate expulsion.

The BVDM asks all participants to adhere strictly to the new rules. These measures are unfortunately necessary and cause significant additional costs. By applying them we hope to turn the character of the event around and save the Elefantentreffen for the future!

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