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Warning – Thefts! Because of some thefts during the last meetings we have to warn and ask to respect some rules for your own safty:

  • Don’t leave any valuables, wallets or purses unattended in your tent!
  • Carry these things always close to your body and take them into your sleeping-bag during the night!
  • Be carefull, if unknown persons are staying in your tent, specially in the night!
  • Help your friends, if they are not able for any reason to take care for their own valuables!


We arranged a colored program for your pleasure. Take part and help us to get the good reputation with the motorcyclist of the Elefantentreffen.

Because of increasing environmental demands especially in the local state of Bavaria we recommend that participants don't use one way dishes. Keep the country clean! In several places around the Elefantentreffen we set up well recognizable garbage containers for tin cans, as well as white -, green and brown glass. Please use these containers as you would do, if you'd be at home.


At the entrance you'll get a plastik bracelet for your wrist. Wear it all the time, it's your personal, unremovable ticket to the Elefantenrtreffen. Opened or snipped bracelets are worthless!

A large request

If your ignite your campfire, we ask you to the following:

  1. Fires must be more than than 20 meters from the forest.
  2. Remove the (combustible) soil in and around your fire pit to expose the underlying subsoil before building a fire.
  3. Fires must be kept small to prevent flying sparks which could be blown into the forest.
  4. Fire must always be supervised and must be extinguished during windy weather.
  5. Please burn only wood.
  6. Please collect firewood from the wood desk, not among the trees.
  7. If you leave the area, extinguish your fire thoroughly with water or snow.
  8. Check that the fire is really out before replacing the soil you removed to create your fire pit.

Our fire extinguishers are to be used only in emergencies.


At the Elefantentreffen it can be weather-related icy and smooth. We are not able to keep the entire area free of ice. Therefore we are not responsible for accidents!

Plaques and competitions

You can buy souvenirs at the BVDM information desk inside the area. There you can announce yourself also for the different competitions, like rope pulling, skill tournament, snow sculptures, oldest/youngest participant, the most beautiful selfmade bike and so on.

Lost - Found

Please deliver lost clothings to the BVDM information desk. There can be also asked for lost things of the (last) meeting.

If you notice you lost something only after the meeting, ask at the BVDM office if your article has been found and delivered to us.


Please drive carefully and in no case under influence of alcohol. The helmet obligation applies also during the elephant meeting. The police accomplishes traffic controls on the entire weekend!

Adhesion conditions

The participation happens on own danger. Neither the organizer nor its legal representatives and fulfilment as well as performing assistant are responsible to participants and aids from contract, positive violation of contract and bad action for any persons -, special or financial damages, which develops during or in connection with the meeting, the organizer or its legal representatives or fulfilment is -, and/or performing assistants falls resolution or rough negligence to the load. Entering the area in Thurmansbang Solla you apply to these conditions as recognized.

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