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The German Motorcyclist Federation Bundesverband der Motorradfahrer e.V. (BVDM) invites everybody to come to the traditional Elefantentreffen, which takes place from 31.01. - 02.02.2014 in Loh/Thurmansbang-Solla. The meetingplace is situated in a beautiful and restful site in the middle of the Bavarian Forest. Motorbikers and residents have been enthusiastic since 1989 when the 'Elephants' first came to Loh.

Due to some rumour we'd like to clarify that the Elefantentreffen will take place. There is no doubt about that!

Infos on „Non“- Validity of "Compulsory Use of Winter Tyres“ for Motorcycles

Loh/Thurmansbang-Solla is situated about 60 km (37 miles) north west of Passau. To get there take the motorway BAB A 3 (Regensburg, Passau). Leave at the exits Hengersberg or Garham. The main roads that lead to the site of the Ralley will be signed from these exits. Entrance fee is EUR 25,-. BVDM and FEMA Members pay EUR 15,-. The Elefantentreffen is a quiet and very traditional Ralley with no music bands and other corresponding activities. As always there will be a traditional torchlight procession reminding of traffic lost lives and comrades.

Please don't forget that the 'Elefantentreffen' is a motorcycle ralley; cars, quads, trikes etc. are not permitted inside the campsite and there are only few parking lots outside which are mainly needed for rescue services. Because of increasing environmental demands especially in the local state of Bavaria we recommend that participants don't use one way dishes.

For room reservation outside the camp contact following tourist information: Verkehrsamt D-94169 Thurmansbang, Schulstrasse 5, phone +49/8504-1642 or Verkehrsamt D-94513 Schonberg, phone +49/8554-821.

Have a nice trip and see you in Loh.

For general information about the Elefantentreffen please call or email the BVDM-Headquarter (Geschäftsstelle) for further assistence.

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